3D Artist Research

Cathy Miles – Wire sculpture.

I researched wire sculpture that was similar to the project I had in mind when deciding what to base my creation off and pulled up this artist. Her work interested me because of its very deceptively simple design and interesting narrative.

Artist unknown – Ceramics

Using the instructables website I was able to follow a simple and well put together guide on how I could make my own shoe out of clay. I able to quickly and easily mould my own shoe following this guide.


Sources: http://www.themaking.org.uk/Content/makers/2008/09/cathy_miles.html



Digital Portrait Research


This is a portrait illustrated by Tasha Kosak, I was unfortunately unable to find very much information on her. This is one of my favorite illustrations, I feel like every shape flows and fits together effortlessly despite it being made up of hard edges and sharp shapes.

Digital Portrait Research


Unfortunately, I could not find anything about the artist who created this image. I am really inspired by its simplistic style and color palette. The thing that particularly caught my eye was the fact that the image is mirrored, all except for the hair and that the light source is made obvious by the contrast in color between the left and the right hand side of the image.