Clay Shoe – 3D

This is the shoe that I created out of clay using the instructables website, it was very frustrating and I did not much enjoy working with the clay but I gave it my best shot and the result, though unimpressive, was better than I had expected.


Still Life Research


Photographer unknown.

This is a photograph of a memento mori still-life setup.

“A memento mori is an artwork designed to remind the viewer of their mortality and of the shortness and fragility of human life.” –

The phrase “memento mori” is Latin for “Remember, you must die.” I picked this particular subject matter because I find it far more interesting and meaningful than bowls of fruit, flowers or similar. I am going to try to recreate this setup by painting it in my own style using various different methods.


Cat Skull – Still Life


In addition to the previous skulls, I pulled up a photo of a cat’s skull and painted this today.

I’m not as happy with this painting but I think that’s because it has a little bit more of a natural look to it, I really liked how shiny the Rhesus Macaque skull was. I’m hoping to collage three skulls together into one final piece.

Rhesus Macaque – Bronze Cast – Still Life


After drawing from the skulls in theĀ still life setup, I decided to try my hand at paintingĀ a different animal’s skull digitally.

This is a digital painting of the skull of a Rhesus Macaque, cast in purified bronze which is why it is so high in contrast and has very extreme highlights. I experimented with pulling focus by blurring certain parts of the image in an attempt to accentuate the frontal plane of the skull. I used charcoal, pencil, airbrush and several different blending brushes to achieve the finished result. I also painted the background on an overlay layer to add a little bit more texture to the skull.