Day 5 Anatomy Studies – Hands


On day 5 I am now trying to focus on hands that have more foreshortening/heavier use of perspective as I feel that’s my weakest point, as well as some more intricately intertwined hands that I’ll be working on soon, I have noticed quite a large increase in my accuracy when drawing and also I have noticed an increase in speed.


Day 4 Anatomy Studies – Hands


On day 4 I feel like I’m starting to get a much better grasp of how hands are formed and I’m beginning to become a little bit more in touch with the shape of fingers and how they work together, though (particularly in the top left drawing) I still need to work on foreshortening of fingers.

I took some photo references from the internet so that I could work with different types of hands, unfortunately I couldn’t find anybody to sit still long enough without complaining of cramp!

Though there is little in terms of actual improvement, I did notice that some of these drawings are a lot less sketchy, which I can only attribute to having better knowledge of the forms within and being more confident in my placement of lines.

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Day 3 Anatomy Studies – Hands


On the third day of my week-long challenge I found myself quite inspired and even though a lot of my drawings didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to, I feel like I started to get a better grasp of finger to palm proportion and started to add some held items into the mix. I noticed that the drawings that turned out the best were the ones were it was extremely uncomfortable to hold the hand-pose. Perhaps because I was less focused on detailing and trying to draw what my mind knows to look like a hand but rather trying to block out the shapes I was seeing quickly and efficiently so that I could rest my hand again.

Day 1 Anatomy Studies – Hands

Day 1 of anatomy studies. Drawn from life (my own hand).
I feel like I rely quite heavily on digital medium by being able to very quickly erase, move & resize parts of my drawings to make them look right, so to make it a little harder, I didn’t make any changes to the final sketch aside from putting a neater line drawing of the original over the top and I think it really shows with some of the inaccuracies of these drawings, while I am a lot more comfortable working digitally, I do find that my actual drawing ability is much better portrayed on a traditional medium and I think this has a lot to do with how well I can control a real life pen rather than a tablet pen, I think the reason for this is due to how easy it is to make corrections digitally, so I don’t put as much focus into accuracy, I tend to just draw and fix accordingly after which is a particularly slow and inconvenient method, particularly if working in a professional environment where time is money, so my personal challenge is to draw nothing but hands for a whole week and compare the improvement from day 1. hands2602.png

Still Life Research


Photographer unknown.

This is a photograph of a memento mori still-life setup.

“A memento mori is an artwork designed to remind the viewer of their mortality and of the shortness and fragility of human life.” –

The phrase “memento mori” is Latin for “Remember, you must die.” I picked this particular subject matter because I find it far more interesting and meaningful than bowls of fruit, flowers or similar. I am going to try to recreate this setup by painting it in my own style using various different methods.