Day 1 Anatomy Studies – Hands

Day 1 of anatomy studies. Drawn from life (my own hand).
I feel like I rely quite heavily on digital medium by being able to very quickly erase, move & resize parts of my drawings to make them look right, so to make it a little harder, I didn’t make any changes to the final sketch aside from putting a neater line drawing of the original over the top and I think it really shows with some of the inaccuracies of these drawings, while I am a lot more comfortable working digitally, I do find that my actual drawing ability is much better portrayed on a traditional medium and I think this has a lot to do with how well I can control a real life pen rather than a tablet pen, I think the reason for this is due to how easy it is to make corrections digitally, so I don’t put as much focus into accuracy, I tend to just draw and fix accordingly after which is a particularly slow and inconvenient method, particularly if working in a professional environment where time is money, so my personal challenge is to draw nothing but hands for a whole week and compare the improvement from day 1. hands2602.png

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